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Whole30 Check In!

January 15, 2018


We are alive. This is Barb speaking. It is day 14, 10 days since our last check in. Overall, things have been going pretty smoothly for me. Apparently, Days 10 and 11 are the hardest, and I would agree for me they were, but not because I was craving bad foods. I was in a horrible mood. I was extremely irritable and on edge. It was almost unbearable. Aside from that, I have really enjoyed feeling more in control of my food. It’s a powerful feeling. I am also more conscious of my relationship with food. On my rough Day 10, I really wanted to come home and have an alcoholic drink. Instead, I cleaned up my kitchen and got a workout in. It was a much healthier way to deal with the way I was feeling! Yes, I am curious about what the number on the scale says (we are not allowed to weigh ourselves during the 30 days), but I like this feeling of being free from the scale. I am noticing other great things like a steady energy level, a happier disposition, and feeling smaller overall. 


And here's Jessie! We've made it through the classic Whole30 early days, namely, "The Hangover" (the first few days after starting Whole30. Most people feel very tired during these days as our bodies aren't used to not having sugar ALL THE TIME.) The "Kill All The Things" stage, where it's getting easier to make Whole30 compliant choices, but everyone and everything is SO ANNOYING and you're ready to rip someone's head off! And finally, The Hardest Days, Days 10 and 11. These are the days most people quit their Whole30. Similarly to Barb, these days were pretty difficult, and I found that I had to be prepared otherwise I probably would have given in to a sweet treat or other temptation. One day I didn't bring lunch, and that was the hardest day since I spent so much time looking for food on campus that was compliant (eventually I found some, right next to the potato chips and popcorn!). 


How are we feeling? It is so refreshing to not feel like a huge bloated blob after every meal. After eating a meal, we just feel satiated -- rather than completely stuffed and feeling like we ate way too much. It's getting easier to listen to our bodies' signals for true hunger rather than just a craving for non-compliant food. Overall, we're sleeping better, or at least more soundly and deeply when we are asleep. We've seen our skin improve, energy levels increase, and more productivity with ease at work. 


Lessons learned: 

~Don't wait until you're starving to eat. This was one of the few times we had cravings for bad foods. Always be as prepared as possible and have something Whole30-compliant on hand to eat in case you are delayed for your next meal. 


~Tell people you're doing a Whole30. We have surprisingly gotten a lot of support from friends and coworkers after we’ve told them about Whole30. Coworkers don't even tempt us with the option for lunch delivery or outings. Our friends support that we may have to eat in, but ask and actually try to think of places for us to eat that are Whole30 compliant. Barb had lunch with a friend at Chipotle this weekend! We have been eating a lot of our own home cooking, so it was nice to get out and socialize. 


~You gotta have a plan. It can be pretty difficult to find Whole30 compliant food at snack bars, gas stations, restaurants, and convenience stores. Even if you think you've got something that'll work for Whole30, you can't 100% guarantee what the ingredients are. Be sure to ask your server at a restaurant exactly how the food is cooked. An easy go-to is a bunless burger with veggie toppings (and lots of restaurants offer fried eggs and bacon to go with your burger, too!). Ask for a side of steamed veggies. 


Get the recipe for the yummy crispy chicken thighs shown above here

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