Day 4 - January Whole30

January 4, 2018

Okay, folks! We're here to give you an update on how our Whole30 is going so far! 


How did we feel on Day One? We were both really excited to be cooking again, and preparing healthy meals. Barb did a lot of cooking! And felt hungry a lot all day, mostly craving the junk food she had the night before. From Jessie's experience, having a plan and prepping meals ahead of time makes this Whole30 thing so much easier! Jessie does some pretty serious meal planning... she combines all the ingredients for 5 meals that week into a grocery list and links to online recipes. You can check out Week 1's meals here!


Alright, so how'd Day Two go for us? Actually, we both had similar symptoms of the classic Whole30 Hangover -- headaches, and we didn't sleep all that great. Turns out this is pretty typical. Our bodies are making the transition from getting energy from sugar and processed foods to re-learning how to utilize nutrients in real, whole foods. Another sign of this transition was that we were both hungry when we woke up (which is actually rare for both of us!). 


In the morning, Barb felt okay, but moving into the afternoon and as the day went on, her headache got much worse - I felt very sluggish and tired. I drank a TON of water! I have to say that life is made much easier with Jessie's meal plan. I rarely cook, and I have cooked four recipes in the last three days for preparation. I actually think I am starting to enjoy this whole cooking thing. Talk about changing life habits here!


DAY THREE. Really, it's only Day Three? Jessie had a big insight today... at a weekly team meeting, a coworker brought homemade white chocolate and berry truffles. - Usually, I'd dig in without any hesitation, but this time, I realized that just because my mind or my thoughts are telling me to eat something, I don't have to listen to that and give in. 


What advice would we give to others just starting a Whole30? 

- Have a plan! There will be all sorts of temptations as you navigate your day-to-day life. Having snack options and meal options ahead of time will help you stay on track! 

- Do it with a buddy! Having someone to talk to about how it's going who understands truly what you're going through is really helpful. 

- Notice what thoughts are going through your head, and realize that you don't have to listen to them! Acting on them is optional -- you are not your thoughts!




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